Protein Isolation

RIPA Cell Lysis Buffer
A strong high-efficiency lysis buffer.

RIPA lysis buffer performs a strong ability to lyse plasma membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus, besides, it is applicable to either adherent or suspension cell. The total protein which harvested by lysis method is applicable to proteomics approach such as Wetstern Blot, protein immunoprecipitation and reporter assay.



  • Broad applications: the lysed protein can be directly used in proteomics approach
  • Safe and convenience



Order Information:


Cat. No. Product Name Description
RP05-100 RIPA Cell Lysis Buffer (5X)

 100mL solution

RP05-500 RIPA Cell Lysis Buffer (5X)

 500mL solution




Product Detail:



Figure 1. Comparison of the cell lysis performance with different sample sources.

The total protein from cell lines (HAP1, Hela, Huh7) extracted by freeze and thaw method and lysed by RIPA Cell Lysis Buffer(#RP05-100 and the two competitors). The results indicate that better protein harvest efficiency performed by VisualProtein Cell Lysis Buffer.



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