Our Brand

Established in 2005, Visual Protein is dedicated to enhancing biological developments by providing innovative products and services for research use. Our greatest strength is our research and development capability. Most products developed by Visual Protein are more effective than those developed by famous international companies. Our expertise broadens research possibilities in the fields of proteomics, immunology and cytology.

Visual Protein pursues efficacy and reproducibility. Through repeated experimentation under strict quality control, we assure our clients reliable products. We also understand the importance in product development of not only product quality, but also the practice of researchers. Visual Protein combines both the technology and practical requirements to facilitate successful experiments.

To further strengthen our expertise in research and development, we have cooperated with the Fu Jen Catholic University Innovation Incubation Center since 2007. By integrating its rich academic resources with our own, we have deepened our understanding of the needs of researchers and improved our innovative capability. We are now even more capable of developing products that meet, or even exceed, researchers’ expectations.

Visual Protein continues to provide products and services in proteomics, immunology and cytology. Our vision for the future is to facilitate better solutions for advanced research and development.

Based in Taiwan, Visual Protein employs professionals with a strong commitment to serving researchers worldwide. More than 90% of Visual Protein’s employees hold a master’s degree or above. Visual Protein’s staff is ready to assist researchers in using Visual Protein’s products and services. For more information about Visual Protein, visit our website at www.visualprotein.com or contact us via email at contact@visualprotein.com.