Protein Isolation

FracPRO™ Protein Fractionation Kit
Ultracentrifuge-Independent Method Separate Four Subcellular Protein Fractions.

FracPRO™ Protein Fractionation Kit is a product with highly specialized fractionation buffers which can target specific subcellular compartment and with ultracentrifuge-independent method to separate four subcellular protein fractions, including nuclear, cytosol, membrane/organelle, and cytoskeletal fractions in a detergent-based procedure. It can simultaneously preserve the structural integrity of the proteins and can directly be used in SDS-PAGE, enzyme analyses, gel mobility shift assays and other procedures.
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  • Compatible: Variable sample application including cultured cells and mammalian tissues
  • Quick: Separate and collect four subcellular protein fractions in a short time
  • Simple: Isolate high-quality protein fraction with easy procedure  



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Cat. No. Product Name Description
FP01-5  FracPRO™ Protein Fractionation Kit

  10ml Cytosol buffer +
  10ml Membrane/Organelle buffer +
  7.5ml Nuclear buffer +
  1.5ml Cytoskeletal buffer

  FracPRO™ Protein Fractionation Kit

  100ml Cytosol buffer +
  100ml Membrane/Organelle buffer +
  75ml Nuclear buffer +
  15ml Cytoskeletal buffer


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Figure 1. The fractionation efficacy of Human leukemia cell line (K562) by FracPRO™ Protein Fractionation Kit.

The showed result detected by Western blot. (A) Heat shock protein 70 antibody (B) ATPase antibody (C) Histone deacetylase 2 antibody (D) Vimentin antibody. M: Pre-stained protein marker; Cy.: cytosol fraction; Mem.: membrane/organelle fraction; Nu.: nuclear fraction; Sk.: cytoskeletal fraction.