ImmunoFast™ Adjuvant

ImmunoFast™ Adjuvant
Quickly Induce Immunorespond and Provide Better Efficacy of Antibody Production.

ImmunoFast™ Adjuvant is a new aqueous emulsify adjuvant which can efficiently elicit significant immunorespond and induce high amount of IgG production in very short time. The aqueous texture makes antigen mixture and injection much easier and the special designed non toxicity formula provide higher survival rate of immunize animal during experiment period.
Product information

Special Characteristic :


  • Strong: elicit strong immunorespond with less antigen loading
  • Effective: high efficiency of antibody production and induce a complete class switch from IgM to IgG
  • Simple: easy mixture characteristic with the aqueous texture
  • Safe: non-toxicity and harmful effect on the immunized animal



Order Information :


Cat. No. Product Name Description
IF01-4N ImmunoFast™ Adjuvant

For 4 injections for mouse

IF01-20N ImmunoFast™ Adjuvant

For 20 injections for mouse




Product Detail :



Figure 1. The comparison of immunoresponse elicited by ImmunoFast and CFA at the 2nd and the 6th week after the first immunization.

Mice were immunized with 50ug of bovine serum albumin in ImmunoFastTM & CFA (complete Freund Adjuvant). The adjuvant boosted in the 2nd, 4th, and 6th weeks. Then serum IgG titers were measured by ELISA.





Figure 2. Time required for ImmunoFast and CFA/IFA to induce an appreciable immunoresponse

Mice were immunized with 50ug of bovine serum albumin in ImmunoFastTM & CFA / IFA. The adjuvant boosted according to the recommended procedure. Then serum IgG titers were measured by ELISA.





Figure 3. Levels of the elicited immunoglobulin molecules in an ImmunoFast boosted animal.

Mice were immunized with 50ug of bovine serum albumin in ImmunoFast. The adjuvant boosted in 2nd, 4th, and 6th week. Then IgG and IgM titers were measured by ELISA.



Quick instruction:


1. Pre-mix 20 μl reagent 1 + 180 μl antigen solution (in water or PBS).
2. Mix the above solution with 300 μl reagent 2.
3. Emulsify for 5 minutes by syringes.
4. Immunize the animal with total 500 μl emulsifying solution whichever appropriate method.
5. Evaluate the titer for animals every two weeks by ELISA or other methods.






Q1 : How much antigen should be used while immunizing animals?

Q1 : Generally, 10-50μg of antigen in each boost should be sufficient for successful immunization.  However, due to the divergence among antigens, optimal amount of required antigen might vary and should be determined by users.



Q2 : What should I note while mixing the antigen with ImmunoFast Adjuvant?

A2 : Mix the antigen with ImmunoFast Adjuvant thoroughly just for 5 minutes then inject into the animals. Compare to conventional adjuvant (CFA or IFA), the emulsifying solution from ImmunoFast is water like and thus provides users an easier immunization procedure.


Q3 : Whether the immunoresponse can be induced when the antigen size is only 10~15 kD?

A3 : According to our experiments, the immunoresponse can be successfully induced when the antigen is only 10-15 kD. However, due to the divergence among antigens, the effects should be examined according to the antigens used by users. 





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Antigen: his-tagged lunasin (11.35 kDa); animal: mice 


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