LumiFlash™ Prime Chemiluminescent Substrate, HRP


Economic and stable ECL substrate for Western blot

LumiFlash™ Prime Chemiluminescent Substrate is a ready-to-use reagent for chemiluminescent detection of immobilized proteins (Western blotting), conjugated with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) directly or indirectly. In the presence of hydrogen peroxide, HRP catalyzes the oxidation of cyclic diacylhydrazides, such as luminol, and light emits. LumiFlash™ Prime Chemiluminescent Substrate provides a convenient way to visualize HRP-based detection. Simply mix and add the solutions onto the membrane. The signal of target protein can be recorded by exposure to X-ray film or compatible image acquisition system.




  Special Characteristic

  • High sensitivity – detect protein target to picogram level
  • Antibody saving – less antibody usage with higher quality result on the WB and ELISA application
  • Low background – provide low background on the WB result
  • Economy – offer excellent quality with lower price 


  Order Information

Cat. No. Product Name Description





  LumiFlash™ Prime Chemiluminescent Substrate, HRP


  250mL Solution A + 250mL Solution B




   Product Detail


Figure 1: The comparison of WB application for LumiFlash Prime, VisGlow and Luminata Crescendo. Hela cell lysate with 1/2 serial dilution from 20 µg was separated by 12.5% SDS-PAGE and probed by anti b-actin. All results were exposed to X-ray film for 1 minute.