IEF Optimizer


Your Personal Right-Hand Assistant in 2-DE Research

IEF Optimizer is a novel and convenient instrument which can measure salt content of the two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) samples. In combined with IEF salt meter and the online accessible voltage-hour calculator, IEF Optimizer can provide you a suggested total voltage hour for IEF process, avoiding underfocusing and overfocusing of proteins and not only give you reproducible data but also help you to reach perfect 2-DE result.


   Special Characteristic

  • Accuracy : Providing the accurate salt content measurement of 2-DE samples and optimal IEF total voltage hour for 2-DE samples
  • Reproducible : Increasing the reproducibility of 2-DE result
  • Success : Reducing underfocusing and overfocusing of 2-DE experiments, particularly analyzing precious clinical samples during DIGE experiments


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   IEF Optmizer


  IEF Salt Meter + Voltage-Hour Calculator
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Figure 1. Increasing successful rate of 2-DE experiment by using IEF Optimizer. The liver tissue lysate separated by pH 3-10L 2D-PAGE. IEF process followed by (A) GE protocol and (B) protocol form measurement result by IEF Optimizer.