BREEZE Lighting Box


Visualize Different Fluorescent Signals with 1 Excitation Instrument

BREEZE Lighting Box is an economical and powerful fluorescence excitation instrument with non-laser excitation source for fluorescent signals detection. BREEZE Lighting Box can generate fluorescent signals which are able to read directly with bare eyes without hazard caused. BREEZE Lighting Box is also designed to be competent with any available imaging system for image capture.


  Special Characteristic

  • Convenience : Multiple-excitation sources for broad range of fluorescent substances
  • Safe : Non-laser excitation source for worry-free of physical hazard
  • Compatible : Upgrade entry-level image capture system

  Order Information

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  BREEZE Lighting Box





  1 excitation instrument +
  1 power cord +
  2 filter glasses +
  1 3M microfiber Cleaning Cloth





  Product Detail


Figure 1. Compared fluorescent signal detect result with different lighting system. Gel is stained by Sypro Ruby. BREEZE Lighting Box (A) is more sensitive than traditional light trans-illuminator (B) and has the same quality image by laser scanner (C).



Figure 2. Fluorescent labelling detect with different fluorescent dyes by BREEZE Lighting Box. (A) Cy2, (B) Cy3, (C) Cy5, (D) Sypro Ruby, (E)Lava Purple.