ExtractPRO™ Protein Extraction Reagent


Special Designed Total Protein Extraction Reagent for 2-D Electrophoresis

ExtractPRO™ Protein Extraction Reagent is a new formula reagent for wide range of bio-samples protein extracting and can remove most of DNA, RNA, and cell debris with simple extraction procedure. ExtractPRO™ Protein Extraction Reagent can effectively collect protein sample without using protease inhibitor and the sample can also be preserved for long term after adding ExtractPRO™ reagent.


  Special Characteristic

  • Shorten experiment time with lower cost
  • Protease inhibitor and freeze/thaw cycle are not required
  • Compatible for most bio-samples, including plant, animal, tissue, and microorganism protein extraction
  • Effectively maintain protein condition during long term preservation with only ExtractPRO™ reagent


  Order Information

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  ExtractPRO™ Protein Extraction Reagent

  1 kit

  30mL solution






  Product Detail


Figure 1. Protein extract efficiency with different sample source. Cell line (K562), animal tissue (pig liver), fungi (PE1), and bacteria (E. coli) extracted by freeze and thaw or ExtractPRO™; 12.5% SDS-PAGE stained by CBR method. ExtractPRO™ extract high amount of total protein from different sample than traditional freeze and thaw method.



Figure 2. Total protein extract amount after storage in ExtractPRO. Cell line SP-2 preserved in ExtractPRO without protease inhibitor for 0, 14, and 28 days. Protein quantified by bradford method.